Welcome to our New Room

Welcome to the NEW PLANNING ROOM Logo and Web Page! 

There has been a lot going on in The Planning Room these past 12 months!

I was wanting to know how best to improve my clients overall experience when dealing with us. I looked at the structure of the business and who we were aligned with from a licensing and product perspective. I have always felt very strongly that my clients must always come first and that I should not be pushed into a particular product.

I looked long and hard at the Australian Financial service landscape. Talking with a great many industry experts and gaining a great insight as to what makes a happy consumer. As a business I decided that The Planning Room would be able to assist clients far better in the long term with a move to Australia’s most awarded Financial Services Licensee that is GPS WEALTH.

They were able to show me that by being outcome focused I would have a far better service proposition that would set The Planning Room apart from our peers. They do not have a product and so the value is in the advice, showing our clients how to reach financial goals with strategies such as smart superannuation, investing for the long term and ensuring appropriate protection mechanisms are in place.

The story takes a twist when, during my search, I met a wonderful person called Stuart Copeland. Much to my delight, I discovered that his skill set are 100% complimentary to mine. The added bonus being Stuart’s amazing attention to detail and his passion for getting the best possible outcome for clients.

Stuart was working at a large accountancy practice as a financial planner. He had been looking to break out and start his own business as he too was wanting to be able to offer clients a better solution, focused on outcomes NOT on product. After many hours chatting and getting to know one another, we saw that TOGETHER we have a hugely compelling offer, and so we joined forces! Stuart is now officially a 50% OWNER and 100% committed to making our clients future bright!

We enlisted the help of creative genius to ensure who took our brief and ran with it.

Our NEW LOGO shows a professional, perhaps serious side to our business. It represents what we want to achieve; a business that our clients are as passionate as we are about. A business that offers education and advice as the primary driving force. A business that spans generations, helping those that are just starting out and those nearing or already in retirement.

A business that will be there on our client’s financial journey, walking alongside them on their own Pathway to Wealth.

We wanted to deliver a web page that is not only functional, but can be the source of great information and fun stuff too!

Working in collaboration with you, we deliver an experience that sets us apart. We work FOR you, keeping up to date with legislative and other requirements, so that you can do the stuff you enjoy!


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