“Nobody told me there’d be days like these… Strange days indeed!”

Written by John Lennon in 1980

The world kinda changed overnight and so we thought we should check in and give an update of what’s happening with us. 

We decided we should all work remotely last Tuesday and so have been getting ourselves set up using the technology available and making some purchases of scanners, printers and all the things required to set up an efficient home office! 

We have also embraced technology to continue to catch up with clients via Zoom, Teams, Phone Calls and Go-To Meetings…. A steep learning curve for some of us (me!) but in the main, our wonderful clients have been very understanding both of technological shortcomings and, importantly what’s been going on with investment markets. 

The volatility we have seen in the last three weeks or so has been unprecedented. The largest swings of all time, the biggest decline in a single day… and, the biggest GAIN in a single day! 

We have commentary and video on the web page that gives a useful insight.

The government has announced record stimulus packages and some initiatives to help those that are struggling (early access to super), if you, or someone you know need clarification on how any of this works, please feel free to reach out or pass on our details. 

We will keep updating information as it comes to hand and sending out correspondence that you may find helpful. 

These are strange days indeed, what seemed important a little while ago may no longer seem as critical today, could you have imagined being concerned about having sufficient toilet paper? 

We would love to catch up and have a chat about what is important to you NOW, in light of what going on, even to provide some reassurance around the position you may now find yourself in. 

It may not be “Business As Usual”, but we are certainly open for business for both existing clients and happy to chat with people we have not met yet! 

In the meantime, stay safe, take care of yourselves, each other… and BE NICE!  

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