The'Lazy' Tax

The ‘Lazy’ Tax

No-one wants to be considered ‘lazy’.  It conjures up all sorts of images from ‘Norm’ the beer-swizzling 70s couch potato who loved to ‘war...
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Breakfast Briefing – Realm Investment House

The Planning Room held a breakfast Seminar on Tuesday 27th February at The Public in Cammeray. We have received so many questions around Bitcoin and c...
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When it’s OK to say the ‘F’ Word …

There are certain times when the ‘F’ word is not really appropriate. In a Kindergarten classroom, for example. Or at your grandmother’s birthday...
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Smart money habits: 5 ways to kickstart your wealth in 2018

According to recent data from Mortgage Choice’s Evolving Great Australian Dream whitepaper, 21 per cent of respondents said they did not consider th...
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How Recent Changes to Super Will Impact You

In November 2016, the government finally legislated its planned changes to superannuation. While they are not as bad as they could have been, the chan...
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The Pitfalls of Direct Insurance

We have met with a couple of people that had purchased insurance after seeing one of the multitude of TV advertisements. We call this DIRECT INSURANCE...
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Welcome to our New Room

Welcome to the NEW PLANNING ROOM Logo and Web Page!  There has been a lot going on in The Planning Room these past 12 months! I was wanting to know h...
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