Who we are

We’re Neil Watson and Stuart Copeland, Founders of The Planning Room.

We created The Planning Room to help give you the time to do the things you enjoy while we take care of your financial dreams.

Having worked in the financial services industry for decades, we were sick and tired of reading stories of advice gone wrong and people losing their life savings.

Both qualified financial planners with loads of industry experience, we wanted to make a difference to our clients’ financial future.

We wanted to deliver a wealth creation service designed to actually change our clients’ lives.

So we decided to join forces to offer people valuable, consistent financial advice they could trust.

Neil’s the insurance guru (who once thought Stuart was the drummer from The Police).

Stuart’s the considered, technical guy who’s a pro in offering expert investment and superannuation advice.

Together, we’re your planning room.

What we’re about

We’re a quality financial planning firm focused on growing your wealth in a steady, sustainable and strategic way.

We’re committed and knowledgeable industry experts with a healthy mix of humour, heart and soul.

We work with small to medium business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals looking to maximise their wealth and create a solid financial plan for their future.

Our clients value our personal approach and our utter commitment to your personal vision.

Financial Experts

We offer expert financial planning advice at all stages of your wealth pathway from saving and investing, asset protection, estate planning and insurance to investment portfolio management and superannuation.

Always Available

We’re available to discuss your long-term goals and aspirations. We’ll keep you on track to achieve your desired outcome and keep you informed every step of the way.

Customer Focused

People want to work with advisors they like and trust. That’s why your dreams, challenges, buckets lists and plans are important to us.

No Sales Culture

We don’t push products at The Planning Room – we’re 100% focused on our clients and their results.

Our Vision

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Our vision is to create clear financial goals and a pathway to wealth for each and every one of our valued clients.

We want you to achieve financial security and create a lifestyle of abundance.

We want to help you execute your financial plan and set the wheels in motion for success.

We’re your planning room. The engine room of your bright financial future.

The place where you sit down and map it all out with experts who care about your lifestyle, your goals, your family, your future and your dreams.

We’re your roadmap to financial freedom.

Our Philosophy

Most people would love to pay off the family home and have a nice nest egg to enjoy in the golden years.

They simply don’t know how to get there.

At The Planning Room, we show you how to get there by caring about you and your plan.

We care about where and how your assets are invested. We tailor our investment plans to suit your specific needs and risk profile.

We care about the long-term sustainability and security of your investments.

Our belief is “exciting life and boring money” – not the other way around.

What you do now matters

We believe that how you behave now is critical to how your financial dreams will play out in the future.

At The Planning Room, we help you play the long game and focus on behaving in a way that allows you to make smart decisions for your future.

Many of us aspire to live a successful life and thrive in our golden years but we just don’t know how to behave to make that happen.

Many of our clients are business owners and professionals. They don’t have time to navigate the complex world of superannuation and intricate investment strategies.

If you really want to be wealthy, we’ll show you how.

Whether that’s through paying off your home loan, building your investment portfolio or protecting your family, we want you to be part of the 10% who succeed.

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